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Default Finally got my Mustang, and getting ready to work hard on it....

Hey folks,

I am a new member on yall guys forum. I recently was lucky to get a 2006 Mustang. Honestly, it is on so-so condition, but I can't wait to bring it back to life! There is a plenty of stuff I think I may get on it. And I really want to make it look, sound and drive the right way.

Among the performance upgrades, I am planning to get a new CAI and a performance catback. Plus, I plan to get a set of new racing seats there, as what I've got there sucks... And, in my plans is a lot of job on its suspension (as for now one shock leaked and is no good to use), brakes... And exterior. As I plan to throw away that OE hood I've got (believe me, it's in poor condition) and get a real carbonfiber one. And, I already thought on some cosmetic body work (those sporty strips, racing belts and stuff https://www.carid.com/racing-gear.html). This all will be twice as much as I paid for the vehicle, but that's my dream which is about to come true.

Just wanted to share my plans and inspiration with you guys. And as soon as I start working on the vehicle, I believe I will post here quite often.

Cheers everyone!
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